Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Learning to Mow

With a cool and wet spring, the grass has been growing quickly
at the same time we have been super-busy.
So its time for another member of the family to learn to mow... 

The Elec-Trak mower is super-quiet and fun to use.
 The instructor's view from the back of the tractor.

 Oops, getting a little close to the conifers.

Heading straight for a fig tree (luckily Trakkie turns on a dime).

Some of the trails are narrow...

 Other areas are more like a lawn.

Its an awesome excuse to be outside enjoying the view.

Cruising through the lupines.

Skirting the duck pond.
 Mowing access to Uschi's daisy patch.
 Off to open up new trails for the boys.

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1 comment:

silvia said...

should you need any help, just call for - i'll be straight there! with as "colateral" effect the petting of the boyz! ;-)