Friday, August 24, 2012

Recovery Step 2: Journal, Journal, Journal

I kept journals for years, and kind of fizzled out in the early 1990s.
It is a blast looking back and remembering some of the wild times!

Fast forward to 2009, I was looking for a new art project and
remembered how much fun journaling was.  I finished
about half a dozen new journals in no time, and the
two cat art journals are still my favorites.

I drew the page on the right while Mark was having surgery in 
September 09.  I thought we had made it through that O.K.,
but a series of unfortunate events had already begun, 
and I started slowly slipping into depression.

I journaled a bit into 2010; first the colors disappeared, then the
art lines got shaky, and then the writing stopped altogether.
I'm amazed now that I was oblivious to the change.

Well, enough of that...

Its time to journal again!
My purse (U-approved Vera Bradley) is filled with art goodies...

Watercolor palette, water brush and ink pen, Moleskine journal,
a date planner, and wallet (well, an old Vera Bradley luggage tag).

Now anytime there are a few minutes, its time to journal.
The boys have been hanging so close, I've even been able
to write a few things on our walks, before chasing
after them down the trails.

Oops, Tanji just zoomed off to the right, time to go :).

Tomorrow: Recovery Step 3


Anonymous said...

deeply touched by the insight you offer through your journals; really fascinating colors, patterns, drawings!!
wish that mark and the boyz can be a neverending, joyful inspiration to you!

Anonymous said...

Recovery is the key thing. You need to be healthy for yourself. The journey might not always seem like the reward, but it is so important. I am so glad you are sharing your experiences and realizations. Your journals are pieces of art,... PPP

Deven said...

What a lovely artist you are! Wonderful art so nicely put in your journals. So glad you're feeling better and you both have your oh-so-special boys to snuggle with.