Friday, August 17, 2012


 Whenever I feel a little blue, Tanji magically appears by my side.

He stays awake until everything seems O.K.

Then he sleeps until I move, and relocates to wherever I end up.
Best watchcat around.


silvia said...

his expression speaks books, and i adore his head, his long nose, the overall expression - somehow very wise & compassionate imho, with his loving eyes.

hope you're doig better btw!

Anonymous said...

Good Boy Tanji, keep a close eye on your meowme, she is so very special and important to us all. PPP

Bonnie said...

Tanji is certainly a very empathetic kitty, what with being tuned into your migraines, then staying by your side, and being a comforting presence when he senses all is not right. What a sweet boy!