Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Baby Steps

Is that little white fluff-ball gone yet?



After seeing the boys' reactions to each other we formulated a loose plan to make one big happy family. We decided to bring the boys together, as much as possible, in small doses, to get used to each other. Vladi seems to be the calmest, especially after spending the night sleeping curled up on Les' neck. He wants to play with his big brothers and run around the house. Tanj and Usch are less enthusiastic and are on high alert. We gave T&U an extra litter box, a place to eat food by Uschi's wheel, and water dishes all over the place. To get the boys closer together, we've been playing lots of games, trying new toys, and a whole lot of reassurance. Also a lot of nap breaks to reduce their stress levels. Well that's the plan, here's how it went the first full day with Vladi home...

Hello, why are you looking at me like that???

Vladi makes a move on the big boy food station.
Uschi is watching without running away.

Good boy, Uschi!

Tanj is getting closer,
stalking around the perimeter of the room...

Tanj moves in for a closer look,
hissing all the away.

Vladi really wants to play and responds today by
flattening out instead of hissing back.

Tanji keeps heading out to the kennel
giving himself time outs.

I showed him, I'm out of here!

The feather toy entices Tanj to come back,
and there is a stare-down in progress.

That's my toy, my Dad, and this is my house!

Vladi is getting tired, so...

Its nap-time for everyone!

Later, Les picked up a toy that was close to the ball toy Vladi
was used to, and Tanj and Usch had when they were kittens.

Somebody please play with me!

I've got this new toy to play with!

Tanj moves in for a look.

Vladi stays very still as Tanj plays.
We slowly move the toy between them.

That paw is pretty close, Tanj.

Tanj slowly moves closer and closer. He's acting
interested in the toy, but Vladi is the target.

We all held our breath as Tanj took a sniff.
He backed away and Vladi got all excited.

Tanj lets Vladi know he's still upset.

Uschi has been watching all of this...

and feels brave enough to move in
while Vladi watches...

Isn't it cheating using BOTH paws?

Uschi is so excited,
he may have forgotten about Vladi,

who is ready for bed.

Its been a good day, we're excited to see what
happens in our second full day together!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like things are going great. Who can resist a kitten? I see tag and wrestling games soon!
Kintaro, Tessa and Abby

Riley & Tiki said...

Just over a year ago, we got a new brother too. We were 11 weeks old and we got a 10 year old Akita/Border Collie mix woofie who liked cats but had never met cats who liked him. Not the best timing, but Mommy & Daddy knew him from before and he needed to be rescued. We were terrified and hissed at him for a week. The only real mishap was that even with close supervsion, Kesey managed to bite Riley on the face and drew a little blood. Riley ran screaming to the basement and Kesey realized he'd been very bad. A year later we are all best buddies. Riley and Kesey like to play tag and thundering herd of elephants. We give our woofy kisses and help him groom (dogs aren't very good groomers and need lots of help). We like to run under his feets and sleep with him in the bed. Tiki also likes it that it gives Riley someone to chase besides her.

Anyway, it should go a lot easier for you since you're all Bengal kitties. Good luck!

Starbuck and Torrey said...

He is one amazing kitten! I can't believe how patient and unscared he is of his brothers! I love it when my boys' tails fluff up just like your boys! It's amazing!