Friday, September 07, 2007

First Contact

In their fourth day together, T, U, & V have made contact. They have been getting closer and closer, each interested in the other. Vladi made the first move. In a typical kitten frenzy, he was sprinting around the house, and then lunged at Tanj, who promptly ran away. But, he was excited and quickly returned to be chased again. Vladi baited Tanj for more play by rolling around with a mouse toy...

Vladi stalks Tanj, and

pounces. (T ran away)

Vladi stalks again,

and tracks him to a chair,

the two bat at each other.

I'm cute and helpless,...
Play with meeee

Tanji extends a tender paw of truce.

The two poke at each other
through a hole in the Catcoon.

I see you.

Later, Vladi gets one of Tanji's furry mice, and

puts on a show,

What are you doing down there?

Tanji joins the fun.

Vladi responds.

It is all a blur,...

Tanji takes a nap

Vladi approaches,..

and they bat at each other

Hiiii,... can I sleep with you ?

Not yet,...
but Vladi doesn't give up.


are you sleeping?

Tanji ?

Tanji ?

I want to play some more.

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Anonymous said...

It's going great! How could Tanji and Uschi resist such a cute face. It makes my heart melt just looking at the pictures.
Kintaro, Tessa and Abby

Penny in UK said...

Oh, such lovely cats and pics! I think Vlad is going to be Boss Cat, even though he's the youngest:)

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Yes, Vladimir is destined to be the alpha boy. We are so lucky he has a very strong personality, we say that now at least. >;-)

Emma's Kat said...

That is so sweet! So awesome when they finally decide the other is ok to wrestle and touch, hehee! Get 'em Vladi!