Monday, September 03, 2007

Picking Vladi Up

Ready to go home!

Well Vladi is settling in with us and we have received a LOT of e-mails requesting detailed information on how all of this unfolds. We are going to try to post three separate blogs today about what happened over the weekend; from picking Vladi up, to the car ride, and Vladi exploring his new home. The process is still on-going as Tanj and Usch meet their little half-brother, and we will post those updates day-by-day starting tomorrow.

When we arrived, we were blown away by how
stunning, friendly, and confident Vladi had become.

Vladi can hold his own, here he is eating with older kittens.
(That's beautiful Cheetahsden Czar Boo behind Vladi)

Vladi also was right in there playing with the big boys,
especially when a dragonfly toy appeared.

He must be our boy, he knows where all of the comfy spots are!

We celebrated with a little Vladi cake...

Mmmmmmm, tastes good!

Vladi "helped" us sign his contract.

We made sure Vladi had a chance to look over his carrier
before we used it. He thought it was great fun!

Now we were ready for the trip home...

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Vlad!
He has grown so much, I can't wait for the pic's of him and his brothers. The contrast will be awesome,
Keep us updated,
Kinny, Tessa and Abby

LapLeopard said...

He's so gorgeous! What a wonderful little boy! I know you will enjoy his company and love him to bits. You're so lucky to have him.