Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vladi Rules

Play with me!

Later today we'll post a blog on how Vladi is getting along with his brothers. We are sure this little charmer will eventually win them over, just like he has already conquered us. All kittens can be fantastic, but we are blown away by how calm, brave, and totally affectionate little Vladi has been. He also has impeccable habits...

Let's get this cleaned up!

Scratching post, ..... check!

We have a few chairs with seats covered in heavy fabric that kitties
can confuse with scratching material. Vladi tried to scratch one,
and when we moved him to a scratching box, he got the message.

Vladi can clean his plate (again and again).

Vladi grooms himself well and also seems to
like to rub against this bristle brush toy.

There are also plenty of naps. Apparently Vladi
can sleep anywhere, anytime.

He is certainly an adventurer,

The toy box has been thoroughly examined.

Uschi's octopus is a favorite...

as is his feather toy.

Checking Tanj's kick-pickle.
He's so small, he's just kicking the end!

Glitterballs are a hit...

As are Tanj's furry mice.

Mmmmm, this is so soft.

Best of all are the red feathers.
First comes a tentative touch...

Then the claws come out...


Rolling with his new toy...

Come back here!

Happy Vladi already rules the roost.

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1 comment:

Starbuck and Torrey said...

Glitter balls and feathers! What more could cats ask more! (well, maybe great food, great naps and great walks outdoors!).

Great blog!