Sunday, June 29, 2014

Better Head to Jerry's

We're on our way to Eugene for a planning session at the
fantastic Cornbread Cafe, a trip to the 5th street market,
and product shopping at Jerry's home Improvement store. 

I'm going to "need" this crystal lamp in my closet.

After sitting on some plush swiveling and rocking outdoor
furniture and scoring a new drainer for our pots, we
are totally focused on flooring.  The Ideabox homes
typically have bamboo, but its just not singing to us.

But we really like this black sink, it'll hide all kinds
of cleaning sins.

Most of our focus is on countertops.  Cambria quartz is
one of our choices, but similar to the bamboo flooring,
there isn't one really jumping out at us.

I may have found the countertop material for my
bathroom, it looks just like nougat candy.

Its a recycled glass countertop by Geos
in "Red Rocks."

Mark is looking at the Hi-Macs Cosmos pattern for his sink.
It has nice depth, like seashells and glass on a sandy beach.

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