Monday, June 30, 2014

Brainstorming & Views

We're moving really fast on house ideas, yesterday Mark came up with an entry around a two-sided version of the fire-place, we looked at counter-top refrigeration units (like they have at Subway or a buffet), and the list goes on.  What we didn't resolve was the hardwood flooring.  Basically we like the feel day-to-day of our current industrial carpet.

We're leaning towards a Mowhawk carpet in Confetti
with a good pad underneath.  Sorry boys, sliding on
hardwood would have been a lot of fun.

The new house will have terrific views, and to get an idea of
what they would look like, Mark mowed out the plot area.

Its pretty stunning, that's Mary's Peak in the distance.

Vladi gets excited when we are excited, so he's chirping and
scampering around.

Tanji is a little grumpier, this was not pre-approved.

Uschi is busy staring at Mark lovingly, as usual.

For now we are leaving the little birches, they give the prettiest
dappled shade.  Mark limbed them up a bit.

Plus they are home to plenty of smaller critters.

And Vladi likes to play koala on them too.

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mcat said...

hi y'all
we put that flooring in when we moved into our older house about 12 yrs ago -- it's terrific -- lite vac or dustmop, damp sponge mop and every things cleans up beautifully - cat barf, dust bunnies etc. we LOVE it. i sound like a salesman for the company but i'm not... and it always looks great. much much easier than the w-w carpet we had in our previous house. good luck w/ what ever...
max cat