Friday, June 20, 2014


We're trying not to get too excited about the house, because we're not sure yet if we can build on our property.  A contractor is visiting tomorrow to look at the site and determine feasibility, cost, and to assist us in navigating city and county codes.  So, O.K., we're pretty excited and since Ideabox has designed with Ikea, we're heading to Portland to the nearest store.

Let's do this!

So many kitchens, this is hours of entertainment.

Its a kick to think about designing a complete house from siding
to flooring to drawers and utensils.

Reflective appliances?  You bet.

We're interested in effective use of space, the house won't be huge.
The plan we've been working on the past few days is to have a
kitchen/dining/living space, with two master bedroom
suites, one that each of us will design.  Fun!

I'm loving the pink cabinetry for my bedroom,
apparently its for for 5-8 year olds.

Lemon drop chair!
I'm definitely going to want this little yellow puff velvet
swivel piece...

...and this green velvet couch (Stockholm collection).

I'm using Mark's birthday cupcakes for my color scheme :).

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