Friday, June 13, 2014

Vegas II: Qua Spa, Bellagio Buffet, Wynn

Its day two in Vegas and we spent the morning in the Qua Spa
at Caesars.  Its not really a place to take photos, so to sum up:
Strange layout to the spa with things spread out and a busy
traffic pattern in the treatments lounge.  The water features
are nice, but its a bit dark and noisy with rushing water and
insistent music.  Good mix of beverages, pass on the vanilla tea.
The fitness spa was a hit: good equipment, spacious, and busy.

Checked out of our room, we have our stuff stored in the spa
lockers and its off to Bellagio across the street.

This hotel is fun, bright, and colorful.

Another spectacular conservatory display, complete with a 
smaller greenhouse aviary and plenty of kites.

Where is everyone?  This is apparently the best time to visit Vegas,
few lines and happy people (of course its over 100 degrees outside).

Its impossible to not smile when you are surrounded by
giant snails, birds, and frogs.

There's even a few horses.

Its noon, and we're hungry, unbelievably there are only a few people
in the Bellagio buffet line, its all ours!

We both dream of the Bellagio potatoes all year.

A completely different, but still delicious, mushroom soup.
The overall quality is noticeably higher that the Bacchanal,
to us, only the Wynn Buffet is comparable.

Hours of good eating and conversation.

Somehow we paced ourselves with plenty of room for dessert.

They are all good, and pretty too.
Its back to the spa for more relaxation, including naps.
I manage to have an incredibly productive hour developing
a research idea on how a lifetime of science can be
represented by object assemblages.
 Vegas, baby!

We walk to the Wynn to get some exercise and experience
the Vegas summer heat.  I think I'm sweating, but it keeps
evaporating off.  Mark is styling with my bag, we're
traveling with one carry-on each to keep mobile.

Ahhhh, the Wynn.  Its like floating on an airy cloud.

The feel of this place is quiet elegance.  We love the rooms, spa
pool, and buffet. Even the convention halls are worth seeing.

I'm on the Wynn side...

Mark is in the connecting Encore side.  This looks like a photo
from the New York Times style section.

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