Thursday, June 26, 2014

Glass Counters, Misty Fires, & Water Walls

After years of living in a one-room strawbale bachelor (and bachelorette) pad, we are drawn more than ever to unconventional design.  We like a lot of the "high-end" Ideabox features, and have quite a few ideas of our own...

 There is a beautiful glass ceiling installation by  

Dale Chihuly in the Bellagio lobby.

We found Vetrazzo, a company that makes stunning glass countertops. 

For our kitchen island, our favorite is "Millefiore"
made from "salvaged glass from a renowned art glassmaker."

 For a fireplace, we are thinking of a Dimplex Opt-Myst
electric unit that uses water vapor to simulate smoke.

The best part: you can have the "flames" with or without
the heat for full-year enjoyment.

And for a water feature visible from the living room,
a water wall reminiscent of the Vegas walls at Aria and Wynn.
Maybe just a bit smaller :).

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