Monday, August 20, 2007

Kitty Chow

Now with two weeks to go until little Vladimir comes home, we decided to buy some kitten food so Tanj and Usch could get used to eating "kitten chow" again. Both boys have their own favorite dry foods (Royal Canin Adult Fit for Tanji, and Natural Balance Ultra Premium for Uschi), but we figure they will want to feast on kitten chow too. Although we saw Vladi eating larger pieces of Royal Canin dry kitten food, Les had to buy the tiny "Babycat" dry (its so cuuutttttttteeeeeee - someone is in a full-kitten frenzy).

This bowl is empty, let's fill it up!

There's still nothing in here, let's go people!

Mmmmmmm, something smells good!

Once the food is in the bowl, both boys want to nibble...

Tanj gives a quick slurp, then moves aside...

It's Uschi's turn now.
The boys are so good at sharing!

Uschi is rapidly licking up the tiny pieces with his big tongue.

This bag won't last until Vladi comes home!

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Bengal Lady said...

They will like his new brother, if he comes with Baby Cat food.

Johnathan, SC said...

Please document as much as possible your method of introduction. The subject interests me.

Introducing my cats was interesting and a little difficult. I had a 2.5 yr old who had bad past experiences with a cat introduction (we just let in the new comer, and did not introduce at all...this was a disaster, and they fought.)

When I introduced him to one of the kittens (two months before the second) we took things very slow. That went very well, and he tolerated her.

The second (an un-cut that time) was a little more shaky. The first kitten hissed and spit, and didn't like him. The older one was annoyed too.

Overall they love each other now, but after we brought over that first cat (a friends, whom i was cat-sitting)i really worried about future introductions.

My biggest piece of advice: Research cat introductions online, and use some of the tricks you find. If you don't they may take months to get along.