Friday, August 17, 2007

Visit To The V-E-T

Uschi is a brave boy at the V-E-T...

Tanji knows better!

Today was the day for the boys to get their yearly "healthy kitty" exam and booster shots. Right from the start Tanji knew something was up. While Uschi sauntered out to the car happy to have a morning walk, Les had to carry Tanj who was doing his best imitation of "brick-on-a-leash." Off we went to visit the V-E-T...

At first Tanji seems happy to be watching the world pass by...

and Uschi is looking to see who is admiring him (everybody!)...

But as we get closer to the V-E-T, Tanji looks suspicious...

His ears and eyes tell the whole story.

Once we arrive at the clinic, Les goes inside to check us in...

"Wait a minute, where did Mom go??"

"Mooomm ?"

"Moooooommmm ?"

"This isn't funny, where did mom go?"

"Yeah its Mom!"
The boys are ready to GO!

We load the boys into their kennel, and head inside...

Uschi wants to explore the examination room,
while Tanj hunkers under the bench.

"There have to be some toys around here somewhere..."

Who is reassuring who?

Uschi totally charms Dr. PK, who gives him a
thorough exam and two shots. Uschi is 14 pounds
with a heart rate of 150 bpm.

"The shots are over now mom,..."

Now its Tanji's turn, and Uschi decides to stay on
the examination table for maximum attention.
Although Tanji tried to slowly slither away during
his exam, he was a perfect gentleman. Tanj weighs
13 pounds and has a heart rate of 140 bpm
(our little athlete!).

Dr. PK recommends de-worming medicine,
and leaves the room to get the correct dose...

"Wait a minute, I thought we were done!"

The de-worming medicine is two pills,
this didn't work too well last year.
Uschi swallows the first pill...

"What, I have to take another one?"

Unfortunately the second pill did not go down as well
and it foamed up with an unpleasant taste.

Poor Uschi!
We all cringed, especially because we knew...


We don't have any photos of the chaos that ensued as all four
pairs of hands present were needed to hold him, but suffice
it to say that Tanji only swallowed one pill, and he twisted
himself into positions like we've never seen before.
Somehow he managed to keep from scratching any of us too.
We have been sent home with the other pill and best wishes,
as Tanj does not like the tasty liquid form either (the injection
form is our last resort, as it can be painful). Ahhhh, Tanji!

Both boys are happy to return to their kennel.

Uschi is panty and grumpy on the way home,
the whole fizzy pill thing was too much...

Tanji gives a roar of approval as we arrive
(he looks and sounds like a panther!)

The boys happily walk home.

We don't have the heart to tell them that they will be keeping
Vladi company on his V-E-T trips in the months to come!

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Emma's Kat said...

Poor guys, lol! Glad you got a good report, sorry you had to endure taking that yucky pill. But it is for your own good! I'm still laughing at Tanj's best imitation of a "brick on a leash"! Too funny!

Daisy said...

What a terrible ordeal! Thank goodness it is over. That medicine seems very bad! I would make it foam out of my mouth too.