Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Early this morning there was a beautiful lunar eclipse.

Last night when we took the boys for their evening walk,
the full moon was already rising steadily and brightly.

As it got darker, it was time to take the boys inside, but we had a surprise in store for them. At around 2:30 a.m. we leashed up T&U and took them back out for their first late night walk. Both were hesitant to leave the house and their pupils were huge with excitement. Uschi decided that he wanted to explore, while Tanj sat securely by the door. We held on tightly to their leashes and snapped photos as the eclipse began.

Look Tanj, your first eclipse!

Uschi is more interested in exploring the deep night.

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Daisy said...

Those are some great shots of the eclipse!

Gandalfe said...

Wowser, nice view. Now if you had some music to watch eclipses by like the Charles McPherson Quartet. That'd be cool. ;o)

Phil Outsource said...

Wow! That is a very beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing this, at least I am able to enjoy looking at it here. I wasn't able to see the whole thing because of the rain.