Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It is well documented that we will use any excuse to
"get T&U" a cake. Well now, we are "practicing" picking
the perfect cake for little Vladimir too. It doesn't matter that
it is still almost three weeks until he comes home,
we need to be cake-ready. So far, the closest match
has been a coconut flake covered cake that
looks just like his little fluffy fur.

We thought it might be appropriate for the Vladi-cake
to sit in his little basket...

Uh-oh, Uschi is wondering why the basket is on
top of his scratching post. This may end badly...
(Look how big Usch is!!)

This must be a treat for me!

"Uschi, get down from there!"

Fine, I don't want any stinking cake anyway!

Back on safer ground...

The boys jump right in the basket with the cake.
Yum, coconut-frosted cat fur!

Tanj looks perplexed....

Hey Uschi, who is this Vladimir, and why does he get cake?

Just wait boys, he's coming home soon!

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Starbuck and Torrey said...

Love the cake! Just wondering, where did you get that wonderful scratching post? It looks perfect for bengals!

Daisy said...

The perfect cake choice for Vladi. White and fluffy with toasted coconut accents.

LapLeopard said...

Good to see I'm not the only one who's totally crazy about their cats. ;)

I am a bit jealous, I have to admit, 'cause I've been waiting for my boy since January. No luck so far. *sigh*