Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Randomized Vlad-i-ness

Vladi seems a natural for a birch tree forest,...

and little oaks,

Cherry trees work too.

"This moss covered log feels good on my toes."

Look at my tail,...

wrapping around moms arm.
(little Opossum)

Hi Goldifin.

Nice reflection.

"Hiiiiii,... I like dirt"

What is that ?

I need a closer look.

"Oh Boy,... more dirt,... I like dirt"

Wooo Hooooooo


Looking proud.
(what a little "wild" head)

Cute paws-ies.

Enjoying dappled shade,



nice arched fluff tail.

handsome Vladimir,

watches his yard.

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Tanya said...

Vlad is such a handsome boy!! I love how his eyes are 'lined' to keep the glare out of his eye. Wonderful pictures as always

Daisy said...

Wow! Vladi can really arch his tail back well. I don't think mine bends back that far.

Anonymous said...

oh boy ! the tail and the trotting. whatta guy ! he looks cobbier, sturdier, compacter that T for sure, and U-boo too. They are so different and each one sooo beautiful.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Vladi's legs are several inches shorter than his big brothers's. His entire body is smaller than both T&U's, also. However, his tail is at least as long and fluffier,... always fluffier. >;-)

Anonymous said...

Vladi is a magnificent cat! But so are his brothers. ;~)