Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tanji's One Man Show

The other day we had a feather wand
outside with us and

the brothers were happily playing with it.
(notice who's eyes are actually on the feathers)

As would be expected, Tanji put on
quite a show. The light was bright enough
that many of the pictures came out...

Great effort!
(look at the spread on his toes as he plants the landing)

Oops, missed it.

Muscle-T is getting excited...

Come back here!

Cute little butt.

Tag, you're it...

Oh no Tanji, you completely missed it...

That's more like it!

How high can you go?


gets the feathers...


and again.

mmmmm, tasty.

Believe it or not, Tanji stills has energy
and hops off to more adventures.

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ms. pixie riot said...

Oh Tanji, way to jump!

I come back every day to look for updates, this has become my very favourite blog.

Bonnie said...

What a smile I've got right now! You take the most phenomenal action shots of your cats, and we are the lucky ones when you share them with us. I adore the splayed paws -- such supreme, all-out effort! I especially liked the first photo and the one in which Tanji is stretching out his right paw for the feathers , with a ramrod tail, and showing off his brown paw bottoms -- excellent! Tanji, you are a magnificent maniac when it comes to play; I can’t help but enjoy myself vicariously.

Emilie said...

jump Tanji jump! I enjoy watching your posts, very playful cat.