Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Uschi's Leaves

Uschi attacked the yellow feather wand,

and lept after it.
But soon his brothers took over,
so Swirly went in search of a new toy.

I waved a pruned Eucalyptus branch
and he came running,... I stuck one end
in the ground and stepped back,...

Oooooo, what is this ?

Woooo Hooo

Leaves are fun !

Yippie !

Nice tail counter balance.

Get the leaves.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Can we play, too? We love the fev-ver wand! Uschi, you're showing much better form and grace then we do. Maybe you could give us a few pointers?

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

My secret is to act dis-interested then pounce. I often watch the toys for long periods of time, they go back and forth, back and forth, but I don't make my move, not yet. I wait for them to get tired, too lose interest... Then, I pounce!