Friday, April 25, 2008

Stinky Mouse

The boys have great toys, but every once in a while we see a toy that we can't pass up. There was a little catnip-stuffed plush mouse in the "impulse buy section" next to the cash registrar, and somehow it made it into our basket, which was full of cat food. Sometimes the boys don't share our enthusiasm for new toys, so we stored this little guy in their round catnip container for a few days to make it good and stinky.

We put the catnip container on the floor,
getting ready to remove the mouse toy...

and Tanji immediately shows up.

Uschi arrives soon after...

and then Vladi wants to know whats going on.

Uschi licks Vladi and that seems real sweet, but he
may just be distracting V-man from the real prize.

"Get this thing open, already!"

We take out the mousie...

... and the spotted boys investigate closely.

Vladi likes to gently pat new things.
Pat, pat, pat.

Tanji takes a more "assertive" approach, and
is soon flinging the mouse around by the tail.

Uschi, on the other hand, is not amused by our latest offering...

"That's just silly."

"What else do you have in here?"

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1 comment:

Katie said...

Those photos are so cute. I wish Puddy got all excited about catnip too but unfortunately it seems to have no effect on her! :(