Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Snow

We woke this morning to snow falling and sticking on the greening
grass, budding trees, and early blooming plants and trees. We
jumped up and got the boys ready for an early morning walk.

Vladi ran straight across the yard and posed next to the pond.

Tanji sniffed for vermin below a flowering cherry tree,
while a Red-Wing black bird watched from above.

Uschi headed to the top of a dirt pile for a look around.

Moooommmm, did you see the snow?

This is cold on my toes,...

Lesley and Tanj

enjoying the snowy yard.

Hi mom,...

That's enough "Uschi-time" for you,...

Whatcha' doin' Vladi?

Just investigating,...

and sniffing.

Posing with a birch tree.

Tanji investigated the drainage ditch,...

Under Uschi's watchful eye.


inspected the Lupine field.

Whatcha' doin' Usch,...

this is fun,...

Woooo Hoooo.

We had many storm fronts roll through,
dropping rain, hail, and snow. The skies
darkened, then the sun was shining bright,
the wind blew hard then was calm.
It was quite a day of spring weather.

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