Friday, April 18, 2008

Vladi Meets the Rat

Uschi has just spotted his arch nemesis: the remote rat!

When Tanji and Uschi were kittens, they got a present, the remote rat, a remote control toy with glowing eyes, bristly whiskers, and a long tail. At first the boys were pretty scared of this big moving intruder, but as they grew up, they were just a little bit less terrified when it made return visits. We have stored the rat in a special drawer, and figured it was time for Vladi to meet this toy...

First we took the rat out and laid it on the table
as we cleared more space on the floor...

Uschi instantly recognized the rat and
came in for a closer look. Brave Uschi!

The rat isn't moving, so Uschi moves closer...

"You better not mess with me this time!"

The batteries have worn out, so I open up the rat...

Tanji seems to know the rat is helpless and
moves in for a closer look too.

Brave Tanji!
He quickly backs away to watch from a safe distance with Uschi.

Meanwhile, Vladi has been watching his big brothers
as he always does, and knows they are wary of the toy,
but he is a kitten and is eager to investigate...

Staying close to Tanji, Vladi begins to walk
slowly towards the rat.

Uschi is also watching from a safe distance
as Vladi moves in closer and closer.

Pat, pat, pat.
Brave Vladi!

"This isn't so bad!"

Vladi even gets in a sniff...

and a little taste.

We are getting batteries, and we'll see if Vladi
likes the rat as much when it is chasing him
around the house. More to come...

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Daisy said...

That rat looks very mean! I would be scairt of him, too. Especially if he ran around on wheels.

meemsnyc said...

Hehehe, that is one creepy looking scary rat!! We sees rats here in NYC. We wish they were electronic like yours and not the real ones.