Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coast Birthday: Part I

As a birthday treat, Mark planned a trip to the part of the Oregon coast I had never visited before: South of Florence on highway 101.  Since it was an overnight car trip, the boys stayed home, and we loaded them up with extra water and food in case they had a wild party while we were gone. Off we went...

 It was a gorgeous day on the coast: sunny and cool. 

Mark had planned a lot of surprises, including coconut vanilla
cupcakes with cherry frosting.  Delicious!

And there were lots of fun and thoughtful gifts all day,
the one I'll be sporting in future blogs is a necklace...

"The Journey is the Reward" a favorite Taoist and Buddhist proverb.
With a little bird symbolizing freedom and a carnelian for energy.

This trip was an opportunity to put the proverb to work;
enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

We made many stops along the way down, including a favorite:
the Darlingtonia Wayside, a boardwalk around carnivorous plants. 

 A lot of the stops were serendipitous, like "discovering" lakes
and views off the highway. 

It took a while to see the face in "Face Rock,"
but it does look like a man floating on his back.

 There were lighthouses everywhere...

Our favorite was small and cute (the "puffy" lighthouse).

Cape Blanco, the westernmost part of Oregon.

 The beach was breathtaking here (and so was the wind).

 We stayed at Ireland's Rustic Cabins in Gold Beach,
which was anything but rustic.

Ours was the "Manzanita" cabin with two bedrooms
and plenty of amenities.

Through the gardens, two hot tubs with a view of the ocean!
(And we had them to ourselves).

Short trails to just about the prettiest beach we've seen.

Even its own lighthouse to climb and explore.

Back at the cabin a friendly cat waited to greet us.
Apparently word has gotten out that we spoil kitties.

 Mark had packed a dinner feast, including pasta salad.

Time for a quick trip back to the beach to watch the sunset.

A wonderful birthday and we had more to enjoy!

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silvia said...

wonderful & inspiring blog post, even if the boyz are absent!
so happy about the amazing time and spots you could enjoy and so grateful for sharing it with us ! it transmits me so much love, so pls let me say: 1000 thanks from the heart to you, you bengal-parents! :-))

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fabulous trip, and very thoughtful gifts. Happy birthday! I love the composition of the cabin cat (and tennis shoes).

Karen in NorCal