Monday, July 16, 2012

Grandmeow Gifts

Birthday gifts from Grandmeow Nancy with cute kitty paper.
As soon as they were out in the open...

Uschi appeared like magic.

First the card, incredibly detailed (and clever) art by

A fig candle, one of the few scents that is totally Tanji-approved.

Uschi is preparing to pounce on a sparkly string of star lights.

He's not the only one getting a little crazy.

Fine, I'll play with these ribbons instead.
Nope. Ribbons have been safely moved out of kitty reach.

U has to settle for his next favorite thing: wrapping paper.

Oh boy, oh boy!

Everyone is getting a little worked up.

 What did we get from Grandmeow June?

First a card, by "Beatrice," a local artist.
The cards are making me want to get the paints out.

Vladi is getting impatient... Let's get this open!

Its a beautiful amethyst linen dress, and Vladi is intrigued.

 Pat, pat, pat.

 Vladi, you better not be sitting on that!
He's so darn cute, he got away with it (for a little while).

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mcat said...

GET THE PAINTS OUT ! ! ! yes i know i'm shouting -- but please do!