Saturday, July 07, 2012

King of Bags: Part II

 Vladi is stunning in his natural habitat: bag on the floor.

 Is someone going to play with me?


Kick, kick, kick.

Tanj wants to get in the bag, but Vladi is tough to budge.

Tanji tries a "death bite" to the neck...

Vladi just nuzzles back.

Tanji tries a different tact, leaving and hiding behind the table.

Tanjiiiiiiiiii, where are youuuuuuuu?

Vladi leaves the bag to find Tanji.

That worked!

Tanji surveys his new domain.

Hey, who's in my bag?

This is mine!

Back off, stinky kitten!

 Vladi is back as King of the Bags.


silvia said...

fantastic sequel !!! pics # 8 & 10 are stunning, their expressions are priceless.

thanks sooo much for this "king(s) of a bag" story and your grrrrentertaining comments! :-)

btw: what was U doing during this bag battle? watchin'? sleepin'? in the kennel or outside?

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Uschi was trying to sleep... He doesn't really like the rough-and-tumble play (at least not with somebody who fights back) and keeps a low profile when the spotties start wrestling.

Deven said...

Vladi is a gorgeous boy. His color characteristics are wonderful. I just love your reading of their unspoken but acted-out thoughts as they play their loved-kitty games!

Bonnie said...

Love pic #2, as well as the whole series. Poor, helpless kitty is not such a push-over after all, is he?