Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coast Birthday: Part II

 Who wouldn't want to wake up to this? 
It was another beautiful day on the Oregon coast.

The rocks on the sand's surface made the beach even more interesting...
Here are a few of our favorites.
Our hotel had a breakfast bar and we filled up on french toast, waffles,
bagels, cereal, and fruit. And we still have a massive amount
of food in our coolers for the trip back home.

A last look at the gardens and we are back on the road.

For the trip back we had time to talk and read aloud.

 Some attractions we passed by (although this one was tempting)...

 ...others like this casino we visited.
It had a beautiful view of Coos Bay.
Further up the coast it was cooler and cloudy,
so we found a protected picnic area carved into the shrubs.
Burritos and birthday cupcakes fueled us for the final leg home.
We were ready to see the boys...

Hiiiiiiiiii!  Where've you been?

You smell funny.

What's this?  I don't remember this.

 Tanji seems to enjoy the charms as much as I do, so
now they are a bracelet, and we can stare at them together.

After a frenzied welcome, the boys settled down...

 Uschi took back some of his Vera Bradley bags...

 Tanji settled in by the rest.  They smelled good and salty.
 Vladi reclaimed his lap.

It was an awesome trip, and it is always good to be home.

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Bonnie said...

That looked like a nice jaunt to take to celebrate your birthday. However, Vladi on your lap seems to be saying, "Glad you're back, but don't go away again!"

Deven said...

Mom and Dad had best be careful when they think about leaving their boys again. If they put their furry heads together, those lads will come up with a way to tie knots around you two. And if they manage to grow thumbs...all is lost!