Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Return of the Water Snake

 Uschi is on high alert, a green water snake has sprung back to life.

U follows the water snake to the west pond
that we will be keeping filled again this year.

Raccoons and birds are regular visitors to take a drink...

 ...and so is our doe and her new fawn.

 Along the water's edge are many small snails...

...and tadpoles metamophizing into Pacific Tree Frogs.
This one still has a bit of a tail.

This one is ready to spring into the tall grasses.

Along the edge, "Cinquefoil" (Potentilla) has arrived,
it is a native found in meadows and wetlands.

 Uschi is posing in the cinquefoil and mullein wildflowers
along the pond's bank.

 We're there a long time, the sun is setting.

As we head for home, someone else is coming up the path...

 Vladi has heard the water leaking out of the hose.

 V follows the sound of the water... 
(How do hoses always end up in a knot?)

 Isn't this awesome, Uschi?

 V finds the end of the hose...

 ...does a quick walk around the perimeter...

 ...and rejoins U, who is apparently much more fun than any snake.

Tanji missed out completely, he was in the garden with the deer.


silvia said...

wonderful & instructive insight, also of the life evolving in & around the pond - thanks !

pic#10, with shining U shot from profile in the sunset, is just perfect and sooo romantically bucolic.

T & deer: any pics to come? ;-))

Deven said...

Those boys know how to live!