Saturday, July 21, 2012

Love Ring

I want to send a long overdue thank-you to Kristi of
Silver Sparrow Designs for my gorgeous amethyst ring.

The back is engraved "love" and the band is rippled like water.

 The stone is as mysterious and beautiful as love itself.

 Around here, passion purple is a big hit!

Vladi takes a break from rolling in the dirt to take a look.

Tanji wants a taste too.
 While I'm painting my toenails (to match the ring, of course)...

Uschi magically appears.  He must have heard the camera.
The camera definitely knows who its supposed to focus on.

Back inside, our little love bug touches gently.
(check out all the Vladi fur on his blanket, he needs a brushing!)

Tanji makes sure the hand is still available for petting.
Always plenty of love to go around!

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