Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympics Begins

We are big Olympic fans, and both of us carried the flame
in the 2002 Salt Lake City torch relay.

Not only do we still have those relay outfits,
Mark has his own summer olympic shirt.

Suited up and ready for the Olympics to begin...

Here comes the first competitor representing Japan,
Tanjiro could be doing the 4m kitty-paddle,
but today's venue is the Olympic tree climb.

Are you ready Tanji?

The coach may be ready, but the athlete has not shown up today.

Tanji is already tired, too much warm-up.

Time for a little coaching assistance.

 C'mon T-grrrrr, you can do it!

 Once he sees the tree, Tanji can't resist...

This is more like "tree-hanging."

With a bit of kicking for finesse points.

 Is that good, Dad, I mean Coach?
 Time for the dismount and applause from the crowd.

Next up: Uschi-Swirl representing Germany...


silvia said...

and the japanese fans shout at their idol:
T-chan - ganbare, ganbare, ganbare!!!

great, colorfully outfitted coach, btw!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...


Eigo ni hon'yaku shite kudasai. (please translate into English)

Arigatou gozaimasu (polite thank you)

silvia said...

ok, here we go (i transscribe the Japanese 頑張れ with an "n" as they do in Japanese with kanas: がんばれ, though it is often transcribed with an "m" instead....)

T-chan, go go go (for it) !

(but there are other possibilites, depending on the context.)
ganbaru (infinitive form) is used to encourage people - or cats ;), and ganbare is one of the most simple, neutral and direct engouragements.

you might also say
ganbatte (with or without kudasai)
or ganbare yo (rather among boyz, but i'm not ;-))