Saturday, July 28, 2012

Uschi Goes for the Gold

In the Olympic tree climbing event, Vladi our Bengal koala would probably be the winner, but he was already home carbo-loading with Fancy Feast, so the next competitor is...


 He's charged up and ready to go.

One last stretch...

...and Uschi zips up the tree.

Good job, look at that form!

Time for the higher level, more than three feet off the ground...

Tah-Dah! Perfect 10s from the judges!

 Uschi is a little reluctant to get down from the tree.

 Hey, I can handle this!

 I could have made it to the top! (nope)

Suddenly Uschi settles down, he's ready
for his photo opportunity and medal ceremony.
We'll save that for primetime coverage tomorrow. 

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silvia said...

purrrfect capture of uschi in the starting blocks!!! (pic #1)