Saturday, July 28, 2007

Five Day Coundown

Let's start painting!

It is five days to "Bengal Cat Day," the day we are celebrating Tanj and Uschi's year-and-a-half birthday and the opening of our Bengalized Studio Store at To get ready, we have been designing, painting, photographing, printing, cutting, folding, mailing, and generally learning how to make greeting cards and other goodies. Many of our cards start with a painting, and Tanj is always ready to help with the creative process...

The paints and brushes are laid out ...

After sketching on a wood panel, paint is filled
in layer by layer. This is "We Remember."

Many different colors were used to complete
"Spring Blossoms." The shades of green used
were organized to the left of the painting.

Tanj loves to be close by when Les is painting
and is great at watching without touching.

Currently there are several paintings underway.
Some are simply early sketches on wood panels,
others will be done in the next few weeks.

"Leaf Pile" is almost completed, all that
needs to be done are T&U's stripes and spots.

The background is almost done on "Boo,"
with Uschi surprising Tanj in a pumpkin patch.

"Turkeys" will feature the boys thinking big
as they consider a native turkey.

By October we will have several winter holiday paintings,
including "Snowglobe" with the boys swirling around
in a shaken snow globe.

Also coming is "Snowflakes," with T&U staring up
at white snowflakes. This one will be stunning!

To balance out the Uschi-only "Swirly Wedding Cake,"
painting, Tanji will be featured in "Duck, Duck, Goose."
There is a lot to be done on this one!

Just for fun, this is "Cupcakes," which will
feature the boys with a display of all kinds of
frosted and sprinkled cupcakes. Yum!

Once these paintings are completed, we are going
to begin selling our original paintings to make wall
space for new larger paintings and sculptures...

"A Day in the Life" will be a three-dimensional painting
featuring nine different images of the boys.

Before all of these will be finished, Les is working
on a painting for the August 2 Bengal Cat Day...

"Show Cats" will feature six different bengal cats on
a judging table. Five days to get this one finished,
and we're sure Tanj and Usch will be helping.

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Bengal Lady said...

I am so excited I can hardly wait!!

Daisy said...

How exciting! I loved seeing the "behind the scenes" look of the art in various stages. I will be sure to check it out.