Thursday, July 26, 2007

Walking the Family

The boys don't usually get a lot of visitors, so it takes them a while to settle down when people stop by. After Les' parents visited for a few days, the boys were calmer and ready to take the whole family for a walk to visit the wildflowers...

The wildflower seeds planted over the new irrigation
pipes three months ago have begun to bloom.

Tanji finds a clump of wildflowers...

and walks around them
("I'm a good boy!")

Uschi also slinks along the edge of the flowers...

and leads the family down the grass path.

Uh-oh, the family is getting away!

Uschi is in full pursuit....
You're supposed to stick with me!

That's better, we go this way!

Its time to play follow-the-leader...

Tanj is so happy, he takes some petting.

Everyone walks off into the woods together.

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Daisy said...

Your walks look like so much fun. I wish I could join you. But I am a very slow walker on my leash.

Anonymous said...

monet's kitty garden

and i meant to say good link to DAISY the other day.. not daily.. sorry

tranquil feeling

thank you !