Monday, July 30, 2007

Three More Days

That's you, Tanji!

Only three more days to "Bengal Cat Day," and the boys are helping us get cards ready for our Bengalized Studio Store. After we figured out the colors and formatting, it was time to print on cardstock and practice cutting, folding, and packaging.

Tanj protects our bag of cardstock printed at Kinkos...

I'm better than a watch dog!

Tanj inspects our newest cards,

and is close at hand as Les folds.

Carefully lining up the edges.
"Hey, who's tail is tickling me???"

Our first "Happy Birthday" card is folded,

The insides will be blank...

The back of the cards have all kinds of info,
including the name of the picture on the front.

We're thrilled with them!

It's time to practice wrapping the cards,
and we have decided to try using ribbons

Uh-oh, Tanj has found the ribbon,
and it looks like he wants to be baaaddddd...

But Tanj is sweet as ever and is
just guarding the ribbon for us.

Of course he can be tempted into action
if the ribbon tries to get away.

All wrapped up and ready to go!

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1 comment:

Bengal Lady said...

I want to order 50 Happy Holidays from last year, 50 Snowglobe and 50 Snowflake cards ~ for now.