Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happy Tour de France

Well the family has been "patiently" waiting all year for le Tour de France 2007. This year the ultimate road cycling stage race starts in London with a 7.9k (4.9mi) prologue (very short time trial). It sounds like London is very very busy this weekend as it is also hosting one of the venues of the Live Earth Concert in Wembley Stadium, so I'm sure it is crazy there. For years we have had our Ironman friends show up every day to watch the days stage, since we've got the big TV, satellite, DVR, and comfy couch,... we host the event. I'm a lucky guy, I don't really watch sports, but Lesley actually pushed the issue to get the big TV just before the '04 Olympics. We had satellite, and digital cable before, just to get the extended channel lineup to get VS (OLN). When it comes to Olympics and cycling Les is a major fan,... for le Tour, she knows all the riders and all the info about the stages, it is scary. >;-)

I've been back diligently training in an attempt to defend my local time trial records, from the up and coming youth and regular dogg attacks. So, my shed/training room is all back up, organized, and buzzing. I try to do 2-3 hard workouts each week on the CompuTrainer (more controlled/scientific environment) then the rest of my rides on the roads. The boys love to get into the shed after a session, they explore and love to sniff my sweaty towels.

Dad, that looks like a pretty nice setup.

but what is over there?

This wood is more interesting.

Uschi you better not climb the ladder,

we need to head back to the
house to watch the Tour !!

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Anonymous said...

glad to see the Boyz are going to watch the Tour.
congrats, Lavs on yr excellent TT results, that was fun reading
and thank you for the Versus link.
that'll be handy the next two (at least) weeks.