Monday, July 23, 2007

NOW I Want Huggies!

Wait a minute, who wants huggies now???

Uschi reserves the right to change his mind. Maybe he doesn't always want hugs, but when he wants them, he wants them NOW! Its easy to tell, Uschi starts purring, meowing, rolling around, and generally acting like he is going to pass out if someone doesn't give him some love NOW.

Usch has had enough of walking
and wants his "huggies"
(translation: carry me, I'm tired)

"I want to go THERE!"

What do you see Uschi?

Who's really in charge here?
Les is getting positive reinforcement
because she gets to hug Uschi a little...

Uschi catches sight of the camera and
strikes a pose. He knows who is in charge!

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1 comment:

THE ZOO said...

Uschi in that last pichure yur positivly hypnotic with yur lovely eyes aglow.