Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Toys, Toys, Toys

Tanj cuddles a new favorite toy.

After Les and her Mom spent a day shopping, the boys came out the big winners with new toys from their "Grandmom." It was time to investigate...

Is this really for me?

Go on Uschi, play with it!

Really? Are you sure this is a toy?

Uschi acts disinterested, but

that is an excited stretch!

Mine! All mine!

Tanj finds a feather puff that is the
same size as his beloved glitterballs

He reverts back to wild-baby Tanj,
daring Uschi to take away his fluffy toy...

Tanj has to settle for defending his toy from
the clothes pile. (Did that shirt just move?)

Grrr, I got this one by the tail!

The toy actually looks scared.

Mine, all mine!

Wait a minute, what's that???
One of the new toys looks like a real mouse...

Hmmm, I'm not supposed to bring these in
in the house, I must have been baaaaddddd

Tanj gently picks up the mouse, as if its real

Uschi is excited.
What'cha got Tanj?

Ha Ha, Mom is going to be mad at you!

The next morning we found the little
mouse snuggly stored next to the food bowl.

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