Sunday, July 29, 2007

Four Days to Go

Now that we are only four days to launching our Bengalized Studio Store, we have been practicing making greeting cards with art and photos from past blogs.

We began formatting and printing the potential cards on paper to get the colors right and the pictures as centered as possible on each page before printing on the more expensive cardstock.

Uschi arrives to check out all of the new potential toys...

What are these? Are they for me?

Uschi slowly creeps forward to touch the paper.

As these are test copies and will be recycled to be used
as gift wrap for family presents, we had no problem
letting the boys investigate...

Pick your favorite, Uschi!

Of course his paws happen to be on
"Swirly Wedding Cake," the only card
that features Uschi by himself.

The paper is kind of comfy,
its time to clean a little bit.

Someone's getting sleepy...

With a big yawn....

and a nice stretch, Uschi settles for a nap
on his new paper bed.

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