Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Food to the Rescue

This morning Uschi ate a little food, so no trip to the V-E-T,
When I got home from school U showed off a bit on the wheel,
but still wouldn't eat much food.

Mark had remembered that the boys' Aunt Kelli had told us
about using small amounts of baby food to excite the appetite,
so I picked up turkey flavor on the way home.
 Tanji adores baby food, the second the lid pops off, T appears.

 Vladi hears all the excitement and shows up too.

 Oh baby, that smells good.  Uschi is getting out-competed.

 Spoon-feeding is out of the question, its time for separate plates.

 Three happy boys.

Uschi is a slow eater, so U and T need a little encouragement
to stay on their own plates.

 For dessert, a little cat grass.

U-boo is getting sleepy...

Everyone is settling in for a post-treat nap.


Bonnie said...

I'm glad to read that Uschi is eating a little bit, and seeing him on the wheel is uplifting.

Tanji's face when he first came for the baby food is so cute!

Deven said...

Glad U is seeming better. Every cat loves baby food and a good nap!

silvia said...

gosh, these cute kitty babies....!!!
hope Uschi-boy is doing fine again? feline hugs and an extraportion baby food to each of them!