Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sleep, Sun, and Stars

Finally after almost a week of throwing up, getting better, and then getting sick again, Uschi rallied today.  By 2 a.m. he was drinking water and nibbling on a variety of foods, so we all got a long, quiet, breezy sleep until almost 3 p.m. (!).  After some leisurely snacking and stretching, we headed out to enjoy the sunshine.  The boys were still a little sleepy, so I took the opportunity to take photos of some of my gorgeous stars...

This adorable mouse (thank-you Danielle!) reminds me of somebody...

 Yep, its Vladi!  He's resting here after his sand bath.

I love how the stars are as pretty in the back as the front.

 Here's the front of a big neon orange star...

 ...and the gorgeous Celtic knot on the back.



 The necklaces are amazing too, this one just glows.

The sunlight is dancing all over this star.

While I've been admiring the sparkly glitter stars...

 ...the boys haven't gone very far.

Yesterday may have been the first day of Autumn,
but today still feels like summer.
It takes a good half hour before T and V start sprinting
up and down the trails, plenty of star-watching time.

Uschi went home early to a special appetizer treat and nap,
and I spent an extra hour cat-walking the spots in the sun.
Pure bliss!

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