Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Uschi's Settee

Uschi has been wanting to sleep on the bed for some time,
but the bed belongs to Tanji.  So I set up some chairs that
Uschi could take his naps on next to the bed, his "settee."

Decorated with his favorite mangled carrot toy.
U is looking aloof here, but as the room got darker...

Uschi was having a ball with his new lounge area.
However, within 24 hours...

Tanji has claimed the "bed annex" as an extension of his territory.


Kitten Mom said...

Oh Dear, Tanji is the brother you just have to tolerate in your space. He's special and doesn't mean anything by chekcing out other kitty's digs. He's not burdened by boundaries.

Bonnie said...

Hey, Biscuit's NOT on crack! What gives?2