Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Comforter

For years we've been sleeping with thin fleece blankets, layers of them.  This summer I've had four on the bed, and still can't quite seem to keep warm and cozy.  So I've been searching for a comforter; something colorful, soft, warm, and preferably inexpensive.  I lucked out and found an XL twin comforter and pillowcase set marketed for dorm rooms.  And its Vera Bradley with flowers... Uschi shows up instantly.

 Vladi seems to be trying to smell the flowers through the bag.

 Freshly washed and air drying, the boys have a temporary cave.

 Inside it looks like stained glass.

 Uschi is as happy as can be.

 The plan is to have the comforter on a majority of the bed,
but a little red fleece blanket for Tanji too.

Tanji does not like change, and he's glowering from the chairs.

 But as soon as I get in bed, Tanji can't resist looking.

 T settles in for the night, but he's not happy about it.

 By morning, Tanji is much more relaxed...

 ...even kneading the comforter a little.

So tonight when I got in bed to read...

 Tanji curled up under my armpit.

 Apparently he likes the comforter now more than the fleece (me too).

He's hugging my leg, now I'm too hot :).


silvia said...

wow, this is feline cozyness at its best!
wish the whole family forthcoming warm days & nights.

btw, if i'm not too curious: how large is your bed in total when even a XL sized comforter can't cover it all? :o

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

The comforter is only an XL twin, I think they make them in larger sizes too.