Thursday, September 06, 2012

Good Boys

We figured out how Vladi was getting into our neighbor's yard (both over and under the fence) and Mark made a few fence modifications.  Yesterday it was just me and the boys, and I was hoping everybody would stick together since I needed to keep a close eye on Vladi.  Well, they must have known because they were especially good...

All three boys started the walk together, instead of
scattering in opposite directions.

This is just not "normal" cat walking behavior.

After about a half hour of this togetherness, Tanji headed out...

...and Uschi started sauntering away too.

Separate, but all still headed in the same basic direction.

For over an hour, the boys stayed in view together most of the time.

Vladi "did his business" on our side of the fence (instead of next door),
and when we returned from his victory lap up and down the trails,
both Tanji and Uschi were waiting back by the house.

Good boys!

1 comment:

silvia said...

this might perhaps be their way of saying "thank you" for getting again enough fancy feast stocked up...!?

btw, wonderful light and summer-end/autumn color impressions!