Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sea Bass & Shrimp

 For fun, we bought a Sea Bass & Shrimp Fancy Feast Appetizer
a while back (it was on sale).  Our boys usually just eat "bird,"
but Uschi needs to eat something, so it was worth a try...

Vladi and Tanji are shocked, they both head outside to the kennel
before their dishes even hit the floor.

Uschi decides to give it a try.  The shrimp needed to be cut up
into smaller pieces, and then seemed to magically disappear.
U likes shrimp...who knew?


silvia said...

lol, the expression of T & V in pic #2 is priceless!!! they really left for the kennel ?!? poor baby-food boyz ;))

anyhow, happy to see U going better & enjoying the shrimp:)
btw, my two ocis adore seafood and a complete shrimp just disappears with one bite ;)

Deven said...

I'm so glad to see U is eating with a certain amount of relish again. Upset stomachs are the worst.

Bonnie said...

It figures -- Uschi has champagne taste!