Monday, September 17, 2012

Under the Weather

Uschi must have eaten something he wasn't supposed to,
because he spent most of yesterday trying to toss it back up. 

 By 10 p.m. he was feeling pretty lousy...

 But at least U was stretched out instead of guarding a sore belly.

Oh no, its the "please make me feel better" look.

 By 11 p.m. we're almost past the throwing up stage (almost).

By midnight, a bit of gentle cleaning, that's a good sign.

 By 12:30 a.m., Uschi even has a little energy for patting.

 So we try a short walk together to the wheel.

 Usch lies here for about an hour.

By 2 a.m. Uschi is keeping me company by the exercise bike.

 I feel crummy, make it better.

 Uschi wants me to do something...

So by 2:30 a.m. we're curled up together on the carpet.

Well, Uschi is feeling a bit better, time to get some sleep.

Update: 7:45 p.m., Well there was a bit more throwing up
(second load of laundry in going right now),
but Uschi is much better, even a little rowdy :).

P.S.  I mistakenly hit "delete" instead of "publish" on two comments,
I'm Sorry!! Its been a long day.


silvia said...

gosh, this was really a long long night for both of you! and happy to hear/see that mr charming beauty is going better again - now you deserve a healing rest !

Bonnie said...

Poor boy! His looks of appeal are heart-rending. He was very lucky to have such a sympathetic person to keep him company in his long hours of distress.