Sunday, September 02, 2012

Tanjiro is our Hero

Tanjiro is getting extra smoochies because he rescued his little brother.

Here's the story...

 The boys and I had been slowly making our way to the SW corner.

Tanji and Uschi were interacting with each other...

 ...but nobody was playing with Vladi who had a lot of energy to burn. 

So Vladi took off sprinting, jumped onto the SW fencepost, plopped over the fence, and started running around like crazy.  The neighbors' fields are acres in an L-shape around our field and Vladi was at the corner of the "L," but a few hundred feet away on one side is access to a road (the other way's access is blocked by blackberry bushes).  I ran down our south trail and squirmed over the fence by the road to make sure I beat Vladi.  Walking back on the neighbor's side of the fence, I couldn't find Vladi anywhere.  

Tanji appeared on our side of the fence crying.  I thought he was just yelling at me for being out of the yard, but once he had my attention, T quickly snaked through the bushes and about 40 feet away he started giving alarm yelps through the fence.  I went and looked and there was Vladi under a tree, digging in the neighbor's bark after "doing his business" as far away from our house as possible.  V was too wild to let me get close, so I got back over the fence and grabbed a chair and put it right over the fence on Vladi's side, Tanji was yelping loudly and standing on his hind legs poking at the chair through the fence.  Vladi jumped on the chair to bat back at him and I grabbed V and threw him onto our side. 

Vladi was super-hyper and Tanji chased with him, leading him all the way back to the house.  It really was like T knew V was in trouble and he needed to herd him home.  I locked them both up and jogged back to find Uschi, who had already walked most of the way home by himself.

Tanji is getting lots of mushies for being there when I needed him.

Vladi knows something bad has happened and is getting mushies too.
But I know he will likely try it again.

 So we are all staying in for a few days and the next time we head out
I will have the squirt bottle and something to cap that fencepost.
At least I know where our little escape artist is headed.


silvia said...

what an action with T thoughtfully herding his V sheep, which seems to be under a strange kind of escape-raptus... :-O
you might consider to walk V on a leash again for a while...
T really is a good, good boy and a responsible and sensitive family chief!

Bonnie said...

Oh, Tanji looks out for everyone in your family, doesn't he? Sweetie pie! As for Vladi, he doesn't know where the gettin' is good, but I hope his brothers communicate it to him so he doesn't try to stray away from home again.

Wrenaria said...

How good of Tanji too look out for his brother like that! What a sweet boy!