Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trying to Make it Better

Uschi was feeling better yesterday, but later in the evening he started getting sick again.  By early morning he kept some water down and was sleeping curled up under the bathroom sink.  I stayed longer at school than I'd planned, and when I came home hours later, he was still sleeping under the sink.  So in my mind, Usch had to eat tonight without throwing up, or we are heading to the V-E-T tomorrow.

A bit of cat grass, don't know if that would help, but Uschi
has been trying to chew on plants since he's gotten sick.
Amazingly, he's kept this grass down.

Vladi thinks cat grass is a great idea.

This is almost as exciting as catnip.

To tempt Uschi to eat, Royal Canin Babycat, and kitten Fancy Feast.

A new bottle of "Dumb Cat," well the name may be a bit insulting,
but it smells better than most cleaners.
Vladi wants Uschi to lick him, but U's not feeling up to it.

Tanji checks up on Uschi every so often.

At 5 p.m. Uschi wasn't able to hold down his food, so we tried again
after he slept for several hours.  Finally by 9 p.m., a bit of success.

Its almost midnight and Uschi is still sleeping, hopefully he is past the
worst of it.  If not, there will be a V-E-T blog soon.

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Deven said...

If Uschi has to see the vet tomorrow, here's hoping that he has something easily remedied. I hope for both of you that he well soon begin to feel better, the poor guy.