Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow and Frost

Vladi loves to visit the compost pile, North of the oak grove. The oaks shade this area most of the day in the winter, and with our recent cold weather, the frost lingers late into the afternoon. This does not deter our snow Bengal, he likes to visit this "remote" location ...

Heading down the path to the compost pile,
Vladi stops to sniff a cedar. Someday the cedars,
pines, sequoias, and redwoods will tower here.

This area is cold and still, the leaves and grass are covered in frost...

With only a few beams of sunlight reaching the ground.

Vladi reaches the compost pile, which is grown over
with blackberry vines and young trees.

A little bit of exploring deep within the pile.

A hop back to the trail...

Warming up in the sun before rejoining his brothers.

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Pam said...

Very Pretty! A frosty background for a frosted Bengal.
Pam, Kinny and Tessa

Unknown said...

Where's Vladi?? Catouflage!