Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two Days Left

Its time for a new adventure!

Now there are only two days until Bengal Cat Day and the opening of our Bengalized Studio Store. We decided to take the boys with us for a ride to Kinko's (where we are having our cards printed on card stock) and to the post office. We've been hoping that the on-line store process would be a new exciting adventure for the entire family and provide us with new locations for paintings and photos. This was a BIG trip for the boys, new smells and things to watch...

Uschi warms-up on the wheel.
He thinks we're going for a walk on
the trails. Big surprise!

Once in the car, the boys are eerily quiet.
Tanj's ears are pointing back, uh-oh!

Someone isn't very happy...

Can I ride down here today?

A few minutes later, Tanj has recovered
"Look at that over there ..."

What? I want to see too!

The boys wait in the car
as Les picks up our prints.

Are we done yet?

Several people have walked by the
car without noticing Uschi (despite his meowing
and prancing in the back window).
It's time to move on.

Let's check out how we are going to ship the cards,...

Tanj is consulting with me on the quickest
route to the post office.

Uschi wants to provide input too.

Once we arrive, the boys don't
have to wait in the car.

I know mom, I'll be good!

Should we go inside?

I think we should just put them over there,...

in the mailbox.

This is easy,...

Is someone coming to admire me?
(people were definitely pointing)

Maybe the USPS needs a mascot ?

Let's check out the plants at the post office.

They have water snakes here too.

Tanji marks the post office

Uschi continues to pose, he is so excited!

Tanj's tail is down,
it's time to head for home.

Not quite a smile, but happy to be going home...

Satisfied with their day out,
the boys walk side by side from the car to the house.

The adventurers have earned their treats.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Three More Days

That's you, Tanji!

Only three more days to "Bengal Cat Day," and the boys are helping us get cards ready for our Bengalized Studio Store. After we figured out the colors and formatting, it was time to print on cardstock and practice cutting, folding, and packaging.

Tanj protects our bag of cardstock printed at Kinkos...

I'm better than a watch dog!

Tanj inspects our newest cards,

and is close at hand as Les folds.

Carefully lining up the edges.
"Hey, who's tail is tickling me???"

Our first "Happy Birthday" card is folded,

The insides will be blank...

The back of the cards have all kinds of info,
including the name of the picture on the front.

We're thrilled with them!

It's time to practice wrapping the cards,
and we have decided to try using ribbons

Uh-oh, Tanj has found the ribbon,
and it looks like he wants to be baaaddddd...

But Tanj is sweet as ever and is
just guarding the ribbon for us.

Of course he can be tempted into action
if the ribbon tries to get away.

All wrapped up and ready to go!

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Four Days to Go

Now that we are only four days to launching our Bengalized Studio Store, we have been practicing making greeting cards with art and photos from past blogs.

We began formatting and printing the potential cards on paper to get the colors right and the pictures as centered as possible on each page before printing on the more expensive cardstock.

Uschi arrives to check out all of the new potential toys...

What are these? Are they for me?

Uschi slowly creeps forward to touch the paper.

As these are test copies and will be recycled to be used
as gift wrap for family presents, we had no problem
letting the boys investigate...

Pick your favorite, Uschi!

Of course his paws happen to be on
"Swirly Wedding Cake," the only card
that features Uschi by himself.

The paper is kind of comfy,
its time to clean a little bit.

Someone's getting sleepy...

With a big yawn....

and a nice stretch, Uschi settles for a nap
on his new paper bed.

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