Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Mattress Part II

We're still marveling over how sweet Vladi is with everyone.

While Vladi has been making new friends and
Uschi has been posing for all to see...

Tanji has been glowering from the new mattress.  T is
going to need to bond with the bed, or we are in for a lot
of grumbling and possibly a bit of peeing.

Luckily we know how to handle a hissy cat.
Tanji, look what we've got...

He's trying to stay pissy and resist the feathers..

Good luck with that.

Oh boy, Oh boy!

He's still a kitten at heart.

Tickling the belly...


Tanji, you better not be snagged, that's brand new!

He may be doing it on purpose.

A brief pause in a ballerina pose...

...and T is ready for more.

Its time for the floor rings portion of gymnastic competition.

Excellent control and finesse.

Tanji is O.K. with the mattress, he's plopping down for a nap.

Uschi has been waiting patiently for his turn.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Mattress Part I

We have a new mattress, and having the delivery men over
was pretty exciting for the boys.

Look out Vladi, he's got you!

Vladi is so malleable, he's happy to go along for the ride.

Uschi is eager to investigate, the bed is his territory,
and this change was not authorized.

The memory foam has a lot of give under the feet,
and U isn't too sure about the feel.

He bravely investigates, sinking in quite a bit due to
his extra plushness.

That regal pose indicates the mattress has received Uschi-approval.

Its Vladi's turn to investigate.

V is chatting up a storm, he's still excited about the visitors.

Come back, you're my new friends!

Tanji is never enthusiastic about change, and this is no exception.
He's busy pacing around and glaring at the mattress.
Its going to take an intervention to get him to calm down.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tea and Biscuits

Nothing brightens the day like a big plate of pastel sugar cookies.

There's bunnies and chicks, perfect for spring.

After a long walk with the boys, we're ready for a cup of tea
and a few vanilla treats.  Its "tea and biscuits" time.

 We've been calling Tanji "Biscuits" since he was a kitten
waking us up with kneading and baby mews.

He's ready to help us lick any stray sprinkles.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mowie II

The new mower has groomed the trails to a neat, Bengal cat
appropriate height, and is parked and off, safe for the boys to visit.

Vladi is first on the scene, he's cautiously optimistic that
this is a new friend.

A quick sniff or two, and...

...Vladi scampers up to enjoy the view.

V likes to be high, but there are taller trees to climb,
so he doesn't linger.

Tanji is next, he does a quick prowl...

...and then its tail-wiggling payback for scaring him yesterday.

Last, but not least, Uschi pays a visit.

Hey, this smells pretty good.

After just a few minutes time, all three boys are investigating
their fresh runways.

And we can watch the fun in elevated comfort.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mowie I

The boys are inside hiding, clumped together for protection,
because the Easter Bunny brought an unexpected gift
that is pacing outside of their kennel.

Its a new John Deere Zero-Turn riding mower turning our
acres of two-foot high grass to soft mulch.

This means the boys' running trails are groomed and ready
for exploration and full-speed running.

That is after the boys have calmed down a bit....

...and after Mark is done doing doughnuts in the grass.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Bunny

We're celebrating Easter with a cute bunny cake.

Actually its mostly frosting, with some cake hiding underneath

There's even a little squished cotton tail made of icing.

This bunny looks nervous, and it should be...

Vladi wants to be its friend.

Happy Easter!