Wednesday, January 31, 2007


"Daaad,... I'm USCHI !!!"

Every time I pick-up Uschi he cries,...
He is typically silent when Lesley picks him up.

He also talks to me.
If I meow at him, he meows back.

Tanji seems very responsive to Uschi's
cries and comes running.

"Daaad,... Leave MY Uschi alone!!"

The VET told us that Tanji was fine when getting
his own blood drawn but started crying
when Uschi got his blood drawn.

We witnessed Skye intently respond to Uschi's cries
when we visited the boys on March 7, 2006.

"This is embarrassing,"

everyone seems to be
wrapped around Uschi's little paw.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good Boy Treats

The boys have been pretty good lately,... so we broke out their treats container. They instantly knew the sound of this container's lid, "silently" being opened. Meows echoed through the house,... then the sound of two boys plopping off their current sleeping places preceded the galloping noises that soon followed.

Yeahhh! we've been good,...


Good boy Uschi,...

The boys are amazingly careful
and super gentle when taking treats.

Thanks dad!


Mmmm, what is this?,...

Good Boy Tanji,...

We've been very good,...

May I have a bit more venison?

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Tanj & The Feather Wand

Tanji is ready to go at a moments notice.
Sounds or flashes of movement catch
his attention and rapid response.
When it is play time (when is it not?),...

Tanji takes the lead.

He focuses

and lunges,

onto the bed he leaps,

grabbing the red feather wand.

Grrrrr, the wand is yummy,...

Feathers,... wooo hooo

Tanj uses "The Force" to hunt the feathers,...

What have we here,...?

oooo-baby, feathers and a fleece blanket.

The boys attack their toys hard,...

a little super glue and

T is read to go.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Synchronized Snoozing

Although the brothers typically sleep seperately, due to Tanji's "restlessness" and Uschi's need for calm and quiet when it is sleep time, they sometimes come together for a nicely choreographed nap. As the scene opens the boys are

not in tight formation, but soon

tighten their position.


some encouragement,

Tanji settles,

and they synchronize well.

Ahhaa, what form this pair shows,...

What class,...

It is like they have been doing this all their lives,

They make this look effortless.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's Uschi-Time

Brush my belly.

Grrrr,... I love my brush.

Come here Tanj,...
I'll brush you,...

On a rainy day
Uschi ventured onto "Tanji's Bed"

after a quick scan to confirm
that Tanji isn't isn't around,

Uschi settles down

to watch and

chatter at birds.


taking a closer look.

Daaad,... there are birds here.

After the bird watching,

Usch naps in his catcoon,

then sprawls out on the ottoman,

then the couch.

Well rested now,...

Uschi looks outside his own front door
for more entertainment.

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Friday, January 26, 2007


It has been well documented that Tanjiro, "Ener-T," likes to play. He just goes and goes,... and goes, partly due to his inability to disengage from the action. If there is something going on, he HAS to be involved. Tanj stays after it until he is panting so hard that he can hardly stand. Ener-T has even gone so far as having "exercise induced asthma-like attacks," where he starts gasping. We regularly have to hide the toy away and calm him down, before he will walk away and collapse in a panting heap. Once Tanj has settled (just a bit) Uschi has a short opportunity to play with the toy, before Tanji's batteries are charged enough for him to come running back.

I see it,...

I must get it,...

No, no,... I'm alright,...

There it goes again,...

My lungs are burning,...

I can't see straight any more,...

and I'm feeling kind of wobbly, but

I can't take my eyes off the toy.

Just a quick lay down,...

No I can't rest,...

well maybe

I have had enough,...
For now.

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